Friday, October 16, 2009

Warrior Fitness: Pushups

I firmly believe in bodyweight exercise for fitness. God gave you your best workout equipment when He created your body.

It is for this reason that I promote John E. Peterson's Pushing Yourself to Power. It's a treasury of bodyweight exercises with both detailed descriptions and also photographs that illustrate each exercise.

You can follow one of Peterson's recommended workout programs or design your own from the many exercises given.

If you think you can't get in top shape with power calisthenics, you don't really know what bodyweight fitness is all about. I don't have a video of Peterson doing pushups, but here's one that shows some of the same techniques he uses.

(Warning: unless you have been conditioned to tolerate music that assaults your nervous system, you may want to mute the sound.)

By the way, I have only recently started to do the "hindu" or Tiger Stretch pushups again. I used to do them about 25 yrs ago as part of a stretching routine, but I didn't have a name for them. They seemed much easier then. Now, my form is not anywhere near perfect . . . YET.

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Randall Gerard said...

I can't believe how much these slight 'hindu' variations to squats and push-ups wear me out. They are indeed a challenge. But for now, I'm sticking primarily with Petersons DSR and DVR exercises. These have been more then enough.