Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Defense and Holiness

I have had a little correspondence lately with RPC on the subject of self defense. He sent me a quote & comment that I want every Christian Martialist to read.

The reason is that from childhood you've no doubt been propagandized with the notion that, for the Christian, meekly submitting to violence is somehow holier than defending himself. A lot of this comes from taking Jesus' turn-the-other-cheek comment out of its historical, cultural, moral and legal context.

Here's the quote:

Self-defense against unlawful violence is always legitimate. It is more than legitimate: it is a moral obligation. Our life is not our own; it belongs to God, and therefore as stewards of God's possessions we are under obligation to preserve our own life, and the lives of others, from destruction by criminal violence. The principle that necessary self-defense is legitimate is generally upheld by the civil laws of nations. To claim that the "Golden Rule," or the obligation to love our neighbor, means that it is wrong to kill in an effort at self-defense is to push loving our neighbor to an absurd and fanatical extreme.

The Scripture commands a person to love his neighbor as himself: that is, love for one's neighbor is to be kept in balance with a proper love for oneself. The person who will let himself be murdered by a criminal, without attempting self-defense, loves his neighbor too much, and does not love himself enough. G. Vos. on Westminster Larger Catechism, Question #137.

RPC's comment follows. (Note that our culture is not accustomed to following long sentences, but it will be worth your while to understand exactly what he is saying):

A deeper understanding of the moral law of God as seen in the practical out workings of the case laws of the OT that reflect the Moral Law in action and their practical application in principle always forms a world view that holds in proper balance the application of the general equity of the Law of Liberty. The unity of Scripture found in textually thematic doctrines . . . which can not be separated under the one covenant of grace prevents the error of looking to the Bible as a book of topics--a dangerous error.

In all cases, regardless of the principles employed according to the event at hand, the thoughts and attitudes of the heart come under the double-edged sword of the Word of God. So even self-defense is a situation in which sanctification will take place. (emphasis added)

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