Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheap Ammo

This is from my barber. I put it in the You-Get-What-You-Pay-For Dept.

While the above picture strikes me with its sardonic humor, it also reminds me that without ammunition, a firearm (i.e., a weapon that fires projectiles) ceases to be a firearm (i.e., a weapon that fires projectiles).

How many firearms owners will tell you, "Ammo? Oh, yeah . . . I've got a box of it around here, somewhere"? (Translation: "There's a 20-year-old box of cartridges with eight rounds lying in the garage where it has been exposed to repeated drastic temperature changes.")

Yesterday I noticed an ad for a sporting goods store that has brand-name ammo on sale. Does this mean the ammo shortage is easing?

Maybe I should make a trip down there. How about you?


Stephen Boyd said...

As dlr has so aptly pointed out, in this quote by Kipling, "A man can never have too many books, too much red wine or too much ammunition."

Gravelbelly said...

Amen, Stephen.