Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Roots of WARSKYL, 7

Continued from "The Roots of WARSKYL, 6"

It is no secret that Randall Gerard has raised the issue of racialism on this blog -- and in answer to Emil's question on why we are even discussing this, I will say that I am not the one who brought it up. Anyway, since Randall has been very vocal and posted many comments on the issue, I hope he will not take offense if I address his points in particular.

In his latest comment, Randall states:

My point is simple and direct and denied constantly by modern 'multicultural' christians.

He has several times attempted to associate those who disagree with him with multiculturalism. This does not fly with me, for multiculturalism is the belief that all cultures are of equal value.

I do not say that all cultures are equal. For example, the white Celtic culture of A.D. 330 was pagan and clearly inferior to the Berber culture of the day, which had a large Christian influence.

Speaking of the Berbers, did you know that Augustine, Bishop of Hippo was a Berber and not a white European? His theology became the core of both Lutheran and Calvinist churches (Luther had been an Augustinian monk).

So, the core theology of the Protestant Reformation and the white European culture that grew up around it, did not come from a white European, but an olive-skinned Berber. The Berbers later had a genetic infusion from Viking rapists who introduced red hair & lighter skin.

While we're on the subject of the Vikings, there is no way that the extremely violent pagan culture of these whitest of the whites could compare to the Abyssinian (Ethiopian) culture of the 10th Century. By the beginning of the Norsemen's adventures in pillage and rape, Abyssinia had been officially Christian for over six hundred years.

No, I am not a multiculturalist.

In fact, I would say that Randall himself suffers from his own version of multiculturalism. On the one hand he quotes me and then responds:

"The objective was not to merge cultures, but to transform them by "teaching them to observe all things" that Christ had commanded." Precisely. Well said.

He clearly sees Western Civilization has departed from Christ and that it abides under God's judgment as a secular-humanist culture.

Christianity hasn't been an 'all or nothing' religion in the public square for at least 200 years. Officially, we are an agnostic country and we recognize any and every god brought to our shores. Foriegn idolaters are streaming to our lands (ours meaning white european home-lands) because they want to take what we have built. They would rather do that then build up their own countries. It is the judgement of God that we don't recognize theft when we see it; it is the judgement of God that we have killed so many of our own unborn children; it is the judgement of God that we are getting older and shrinking in population while all our enemies are getting younger and more numerous; that part is true enough. I agree with that.

But then Randall shifts gears and talks about saving this ungodly civilization:

But whether [non-Western immigrants] convert to Christ or not, they will still be foriegners who have no interest in preserving our civilization.

I might add that if they convert to Christ, our Western culture will target them just as it has increasingly persecuted conservative Christians for the past generation.

After admitting that Western civilization is post-christian and that he nevertheless wants to preserve it, Seth asked him, "Why?" Randall gives his reason:

. . . you've made it abundantly clear that you don't give a d*** about my people or the civilization we have built. If it were otherwise, you wouldn't be asking 'what's so great about western civilization', even as you enjoy it's benefits. Gee, I don't know Seth; how about, it's mine and I like it?

So, here it is. Randall has loyalty to two cultures: 1) the civilization that must be built upon every commandment of Christ, and 2) The secular-humanist, post-christian Western culture. Because it is his, and he likes it.

Yes, he goes on to say that the culture was built on the Bible, but he also later says that Western Civilization is an amalgam of Roman, Greek and Biblical cultures (multiculturalism, again?).

So, where does this double-minded approach to culture and Scripture originate? You can see it in the following assertion made by Randall:

I maintain it is impossible to separate a blood-line, a race, a people, from the culture they create. The people themselves are an inextricable part of that culture. Culture is more then just the out-working of societal beliefs; it is a reflection of US, biologically, spiritually, and in every other way.

I want to show how this axiomatic belief arises from and contributes to a grievous misunderstanding of Scripture in my next post on this topic.


Randall Gerard said...


Brother, I deeply appreciate your willingness to engage with me on a subject that is mostly taboo within the church today. I am not offended by your comments in the least. In fact, I welcome them, because I may very well be wrong about all of this.

That being said, I think we might be operating with two different definitions of 'multiculturalism'. My understanding of the word is similar to yours, but I would add, that in actual practice, western civilization is actively denigrated, even by people of white european heritage, in comparison to other cultures. So, while the 'multiculturalist' will say 'all cultures are equal', we, as white europeans, are under subtle and pervasive pressure NOT to celebrate or take pride in our race, nations, or accomplishments as a people. And, most of us cave in to this, and even agree that this is somehow 'equal treatment'.

Some examples:

Imagine for a moment that a white man descended from R.L. Dabney with impeccable credentials was nominated to the Supreme Court. During the confirmation process, this man proudly admits he is a member of the KKK. Would he be confirmed? I doubt it.

Yet today we have a latina woman who is a member of 'La Raza' sitting on the Supreme Court. 'La Raza' literally means 'the Race'. It is a nationalist organization that seeks to advance the cause of hispanics everywhere. Many applaud this organization and others like it (the NAACP comes to mind); but God forbid white people should form similar organizations, for as soon as they do, they're branded a bunch of racists. There's nothing fair and equal about multiculturalism, as it's being practiced today in western countries.

But I accept your assertion at face value; that you don't believe all cultures are equal. Fine. And then you proceed to tear down celtic and viking culture and praise north african culture. Look, I don't deny that white people are sinners; but I'm really getting tired of whites who feel like they have to trash their own just to be considered fair and open-minded. Whatever happened to family loyalty? Other families practice it, why can't our family practice it?

But you are correct to point out I have two loyalties, though the first one is vastly above the other. They are:

1. Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

and second: Honor your father and mother, that it may be well with you, and so you may live long in the land the Lord your God has given you..

These two are NOT in conflict. But there are many within the church that would have me abandon the traditions of my fathers, and my affection and loyalty to my mothers, all in the name of building up the kingdom of God! I say I can and must engage in doing both, for God has required both.

In case you're wondering, the only reason I'm responding on the Lord's day is that I'm snowed in and have a touch of cabin fever. But don't feel like you have to respond today if you believe it would be violating the sabbath.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Wow, gravelbelly, this has to be one of your most excellent posts/series yet (and THAT is saying something).

Excellent. I wasn't following/dissecting much, but still you caught so much that I had missed. Kudos to you! God bless, and I can't wait for the next one!


P.S. You should get paid for this, my brother! Seriously!

Gravelbelly said...

Randall, I'm engaging you because this needs to be discussed. Rather than answer you specifically here, I will state my position in the next post.

Spencer, I agree. I should be paid for this. How does $600/week plus benefits sound? That's about $4 per month for each hit on the blog.


If there's a great groundswell of interest in this, I can arrange a donation page on PayPal.

Getting back to our own reality in the space/time continuum, things usually don't happen that way.

Actually, I get paid every time a reader buys one of my books. So far, you & two other people have taken advantage of my "Combat Prep Pack".

I have recently plugged my "Christian Methodology" book, which sells for under $10, but whenever I've mentioned it in the past, it never seems to generate any interest. Too bad, because the ideas therein are integral to Christian culture-building.

As always, Spencer, thanks for your encouragement & support.

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I promise, I will buy that book and have intended to for quite some time, honestly. I cannot at this time as you know, but trust me, I WILL buy it, and when/if you publish your e-books on paper sign me UP!!!

No need to thank me: I am the one who is indebted.