Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Your eyes glaze over. You can't turn your them away. The drool starts to collect at the corners of your mouth Don't expect your wife/girl friend to understand why this pic does this to you.

"I'm not coveting, I'm . . . ADMIRING!"

Thanks to my barber for sending me this.


Stephen Boyd said...

I'm totally shocked!!!!
You guys aren't even fans of the Stoner system, correct?

Gravelbelly said...

My main disappointment with the Stoner system is that it forsook the 7.62 NATO cartridge so early in its development. I'm not a fan of the 5.56 NATO.

That said, I also favor the .45ACP over the .38SPL, but I own both.

If the Gun Fairy dropped an AR-15 on my doorstep, I don't think I'd throw it away, especially if accompanied by copious amounts of ammo.