Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The War on Terror Hoax

The powers that be have placed brave, loyal young Americans in the Middle East to fight a "global war on terror". This "war on terror" hits us here at home in the form of lost freedoms (for our own protection, you understand).

On Monday (June 1, 2009), for example, American citizens returning from day trips to Canada or Mexico needed passports to get back into their own country. Meanwhile, illegals cross over our southern border by the tens of thousands.

Anyone who thinks the passport regulation contributes to national security is deluding himself. It is simply one more control imposed on us by the power elite.

Middle Eastern terrorists know about our porous borders. What stops them from purchasing a ticket to Mexico and then simply walking into the U.S.A.? Certainly not our politicians and bureaucrats who are too busy fashioning hoops for you & me to jump through.

If I were a cynic, I might think that some elements of the civil power structure want the door left open, because further terrorist activity justifies more restrictions on American liberties.

At any rate, the terrorists know where their opportunities lie. Here is a lecture by a Kuwaiti (didn't we fight a war to free Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion?) professor who encourages terrorists to use the border with Mexico as an entry point to bring Anthrax into the U.S.

As long as illegals can just walk into this country, you'll never convince me that the "war on terror" has anything to do with stopping terrorists.


Son3 said...

I heartily agree with you.

Gravelbelly said...

Son3, Thanks for the encouragement & welcome to followers' list.

Randall Gerard said...

This post is right on the money. Our enemies don't have navies and air forces and transcontinental missiles. In order to inflict damage on our people, they have to physically cross our borders. Therefore, border defense, in an age of suicide bombers equals national defense.

We should start by deporting every muslim in our land who was not born here or is not a citizen. Then, we should bring all our troops home and put them on the borders. I'd be willing to bet they'd still kill terrorists and we would not be breeding new terrorists through 'colateral damage' over there. Plus, we'd bag all the mexicans stealing American jobs and breaking American laws, as a bonus. But so far, ALL the terrorists have been 100% muslim. All in favor of doing a little 'profiling' here, say aye.

Reagan said it best. A nation that can't or won't control it's borders, will soon cease to be a nation.

Gravelbelly said...

Randall, I appreciate the encouragement.