Saturday, June 6, 2009

Survival SOG Seal Pup Knife Video

My barber sent me the link to this video on the Survival SOG Seal Pup Knife. This guy has done some cool things to increase the utility of the knife & to turn it into a mini-survival kit.

A lot of this is adaptable to any sturdy sheath knife made of good steel. Some of it depends on the Kydex sheath. Either way, observe and take what you can use.

Today, my family & I are headed to the Greenville Scottish Games & Highland Festival. Yesterday evening, we went to the parade. Ahhhh, the pipes . . . the pipes.

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Stephen Boyd said...

I echo your sentiments... ah the pipes!

BTW, what would you recommend for a good all around survival/fighting knife?
I currently use a Buck Hunter 110, which I absolutely love. I've dressed everything from fish to deer with it but it's perhaps not the best for fighting applications.