Saturday, June 20, 2009

Robot Wars on RKBA?

Over 15 years ago, I remember that every time someone "went postal" and committed a mass shooting, my barber would remark that one of the government's robots had been activated. The idea was that these shooters were Manchurian Candidate types, programmed by the feds in order to created media hysteria & call for more gun control.

Don't tell me that it's just paranoia. I know it's paranoia, and I think it's one of my barber's many admirable qualities.

Nonetheless, I never knew quite what to say, as I tend to feed my own paranoia with theories that have some level of evidence (a few of my theories have irrefutable proof). :-)

Now, it seems, a columnist at has amassed enough "coincidences" to make me think maybe my barber was right. In his article "Time for a Closer Look", Michael Gaddy says, "A prudent individual, unencumbered with emotional or financial connections to the state, cannot logically ignore the similarities in many of these mass shootings."

Here is Gaddy's list:

First, there is the insane and totally explained phenomena of a person becoming angry at someone or something, and then randomly killing people they do not know.

Second, is the almost universal use of mind-altering drugs by the perpetrators of these heinous crimes? Almost all of those involved in school shootings were taking, or had just stopped taking, drugs such as Prozac or Ritalin.

Third, is the fact a great number of the shooters kill themselves after committing their heinous crimes?

Fourth, when the mass shooting does not fit the above profile, the state uses the incident to claim, as they did in the shooting this weekend in Pennsylvania, that the perpetrator feared the state was going to take his guns. This certainly aids the state in its efforts to paint all that are concerned about the possible loss of freedoms and encroachments on the 2A as potential killers and threats to society.

I recommend you read the whole article to discover what he believes are the fedgov's objectives. In the meantime, there are two big issues this raises for me:
  1. Perhaps I owe my barber an apology (Sorry, bro.)
  2. If someone's paranoid fears turn out to be true, is it really paranoia?

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