Monday, June 29, 2009

Chaos Coming?

I do not like to think of the dissolution of civil order. No matter how bad our present corrupt order seems, anarchy will be worse.

Nevertheless, in spite of protestations of our president and the chairman of the fed, I see the present lull in economic woe as a mere hiatus. The economy will get worse.

Runaway inflation, widespread unemployment, disruption of the delivery/production of food, intermittent power outages or grid failure are all possible primary triggers to civil unrest. There are secondary triggers, as well.

State and local governments whose budgets cannot maintain both high salaries for public officials and basic services may cut services. Sanitation, police and firefighting could fall under the axe as "luxuries we can't afford". (Those who make the cuts will be able to afford private trash service, security and home sprinklers.)

I know that many readers of this blog will read the above and think in terms of stockpiling guns and ammo. And I agree, you do need to defend yourself . . . but you also need to eat.

At our house, we view the abundant rainfall of this spring and early summer as a window of opportunity to grow and store food. Several weeks ago, I spent a month of evenings cracking pecans which my wife roasted and dry-canned.

Neighbors with several plum trees have more than they could use, so they asked for help. We now have several quarts of canned plums and a supply of plum fruit leather from our dehydrator.

The point is that if food and/or water become unavailable, or if it becomes unsafe to leave your house to procure them, it would be nice to have some in reserve.

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