Friday, June 19, 2009

Courage, 2

Continued from "Mindset: Courage"

Core-age (strength at the core) rises in answer to the call of the twin voices: necessity and obligation.

For many years, humorist Garrison Keillor has touted the benefits of Powder Milk Biscuits. "They give shy persons the strength to do what needs to be done." I don't know how much courage one derives from fictitious biscuits, but Keillor has hit the nail on the head when it comes to courage.

Shy people don't like crowds and avoid potentially awkward social situations. But there are those unavoidable situations where you have to deal with people -- drivers' license tests, job interviews, asking for directions, etc.

Sooner or later the fearful or shy person recognizes that the task must be done and that he must do it, no matter how distasteful. At that point he in effect says, "No," to his fears and dislikes, and he does what needs to be done.

To reach the point where he is willing to do what needs to be done, he must have strength at the core.

To be continued

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