Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Palm Heel Chin Jab

Can you perform the palm heel chin jab like a girl? If you're familiar with Ted Truscott's Defend Yourself 101 website which specializes in self defense for women & seniors, you might take a comment such as, "You fight like a girl," as a compliment. There are three reasons you strapping young men should pay attention to this source for women's self defense:
  1. It may help your mothers, sisters, wives;
  2. If it's really effective & works for women & old folks, it would work even better for you;
  3. It's based on the WWII combatives of W.E. Fairbairn;
Here's a video clip of Ted Truscott teaching the palm heel chin jab:

Palm Heel Chin Jab

He's a good teacher, so listen to his comments & corrections as the students practice.

To follow my previous discussions of the palm heel, click this link:

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