Friday, May 30, 2008

Guns 'n' Knives, 2

There are some really good questions coming into the "comments" section. The danger here is that people will think I'm some kind of expert. I'm not. I have moderate experience in the areas I write about, and I've read & thought about some of these topics for a long time. But I'm not an expert -- not really.

That said, let's see if I can field a couple of questions without getting myself into trouble. Stephen Boyd writes:

I have heard a lot recently about "double taps". Some folks say that you should pull the trigger as fast as you can, and others say that you s[h]ould train yourself to re-obtain your sight picture, before pulling the trigger the second time.

Stephen, I'd say that in a lethal encounter, only shots on target count. If you can hit your target with a fast double-tap, then do so. If you can't, then take whatever fraction of a second you need to realign. Although I'm thinking that this would be less of an issue using the P&S method, only a trip to the range and some actual practice will tell you what's right for you.

drpaleophd asks about a particular gun disarm:

Do you read Black Belt magazine? Because in the current issue there is an article on disarming a gunman about 9 ft away from you, using what they call the crescent attack method.

From my short time in Shito Ryu karate, I know the crescent walk and the crescent kick, but I'm not familiar with the crescent attack. If you can send me a link to information about it, I'd be glad to look at it.

My first reaction, however, is that the whole idea gives me the shivers. If you think it would work, though, why not get someone to help you practice it. After you think you've got the moves down, give your helper an airsoft or other soft pellet gun. If you can disarm him before he shoots you, then you'll know it works. (Even with soft pellets, eye protection would be a good idea)

There were some questions about knives & knife courses, that I'll have to address in another post.

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Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I've tried to answer your question on my blog. Sorry it took so long, I've been crazy busy my friend.

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