Saturday, May 24, 2008

Odds 'n' Ends

My StatCounter tells me that in the last 30 days there have been well over 500 hits on WARSKYL. My thanks to all you regulars -- Christian Martialist Sheepdogs (& other interested parties).

New arrivals to WARSKYL should consider checking out the favorite posts at the right of the page. They'll help give you a background to what Christian Martialism is all about. BTW, I'm still open to suggestions for that favorites category.

I am making progress on the workbook I plan to make available at the WARSKYL conference. It will be a syllabus/work-text of the material presented. Still no date set; I'll keep you posted.

HELP! A sudden and unplanned relocation 10 years ago interrupted my regular martial arts practice. I've had a few off-and-on practice partners over the past decade, but no one able to commit long-term. Here's where my readers may be able to help me.

I know that I have several more people who frequent my blog than ever make comments. And I'm also certain I must have some visitors from upstate South Carolina. I'm wondering if anyone close to my area (Possum Kingdom -- South Greenville County, near Belton) is interested in meeting with with me once or twice a week to practice martial arts & practical self defense/cqc.

I'd be willing to meet with an individual, couple or family. If you have M.A experience & are willing to bear with an old guy who's out of shape and out of practice, that's great. If you have no experience, but would like to learn some new skills (as I reacquire mine), that's great, too.

I know many people are a little shy about posting public comments, so if you have an interest or know someone in my region who might have an interest, you can email me at:

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