Monday, May 12, 2008

Christian Martialist as Sheepdog, 4

I want to call your attention to dlr's comment that directs you to a post on The War on Guns blog. That post is based upon this article in The New York Times that mentions the dismal hit rate of police in NYC and L.A. It relates to a side discussion of the past few days about whether police officers' training methods are effective.

What caught my attention was the blog's "Only Ones" series. I presume that it refers to statements to the effect that law enforcement officers (LEO's) are the ONLY ONES who are qualified enough, trained enough, etc. to carry firearms. The series highlights a number of stories about officers who abuse their power.

Municipalities tend to refer to their police as the "finest" (New York's finest, LA's finest, and so on). The truth is that the police department represents a cross-section of the general population. There ARE some mighty fine LEO's . . . and some mighty despicable ones, as well.

As the general population's mores decline, so will the average moral fiber of their police. And people with dreams of a totalitarian state welcome this. It will take little persuasion to convince officers guilty of personal abuse to engage in official abuse.

In principle, it has already begun. How many officers have refused to establish routine checkpoints where, without warrants or probable cause, they stop citizens to see if their "papers are in order"? How many Christian officers who have sworn to uphold the US Constitution have balked at this?

In "Christian Martialist as Sheepdog, 3" I wrote about the inadvisability of Christian Martialists joining the military or serving as police officers. I have not changed my position. You may say that police forces need more Christians to serve as salt & light, and if this is your motive for joining them, then may God bless your efforts.

And if God crowns your efforts as an LEO or soldier with success in turning the tide of abuse, then may I have the grace to acknowledge that you were right, and I was wrong. In the present state of our nation, however, I believe that the safety of your church, your family and your person rests in the hands of America's truly finest -- her Christian Martialist Sheepdogs. May their numbers and skills increase, whether they've ever read or heard of WARSKYL or not.
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