Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Short Roster of Terrorist Acts

Roster entry #1

According to Homeland Security, citizens who use cameras are possible terrorists (see previous post). Evidently this standard of what constitutes terrorism has filtered down to the local level.

This video of police brutalizing a citizen in front of his own home contains some cursing & "mild profanity":

Note that the citizen told them that they could look at his i.d. to prove he lived there. At that point it became obvious that this was not the real issue for the police.

He was arrested for "obstructing an officer." How would a video obstruct the officer?

Merriam-Webster defines "obstruct" thus:

  1. : to block or close up by an obstacle
  2. : to hinder from passage, action, or operation : impede
  3. : to cut off from sight (a wall obstructs the view)

The only way a video might hinder or impede an officer in this circumstance is if he was doing something he did not want either the general public or his superiors to know about. Think this is an isolated incident? Check out these videos.

Source article & video can be found here.

Roster entry #2

What about those drug cartel terrorists? You know . . . the ones armed by ATF. Surely the police are justified to obtain no-knock warrants and use shock and awe against these low lifes. Right?

Well, maybe. If they break into the right house.

(Thanks to RPC for this link.)

It turned out better for this homeowner than for Marine combat vet Jose Guerena, whom police murdered in a similar raid. (I posted on this here.)

You, no doubt think that this, too, must be an isolated incident. Click this link for video reports of "wrong address" raids. In the People's Republic of Minnesota, they even handed out medals to officers who returned fire on a homeowner protecting his family -- again, at the wrong address (click here).

Roster Entry #3

Photographers and homeowners aside, we know who the real terrorists are, don't we? It's those !@#$% people who choose to eat fresh, unprocessed food straight from the farm.

Here's an excerpt from an article over at Natural News:

(NaturalNews) NaturalNews is now publishing some of the very first photos taken in the aftermath of the Rawesome Food raids, which involved a multi-agency raid against Rawesome Foods for selling unpasteurized milk and raw cheese ( These photos show how Rawesome Foods has beenstripped bareby state and federal agents who engaged in what can only be called an act ofgovernment-sponsored terrorismagainst innocent small business owners.

As NaturalNews reported earlier, the warrant that was issued to authorize the Rawesome Foods raid specifically stated that "various samples of any food products present may be taken for laboratory analysis." ( But instead of taking only "various samples," the LA County Dept. of Agriculture authorities engaged inthe wholesale theft of the entirety of Rawesome Foods' inventory.

Learn more:
(Thanks to my wife for this link)

Here's a photo of just some of the empty shelves and cooler:

Here's one of the truck used to haul away the co-op's entire inventory:

We can't have terrorists opening co-ops that sell locally grown, unprocessed food to people who knowingly purchase it for their own and their families' health, can we? If we allowed this, pretty soon terrorist groups like this would pop up all over the country, and they might make a small dent in the profits of agribusiness and food cartel. Have no fear, though. The Dept. of Agriculture is here to protect us all from these terrorists.

Here is commentary on the raid by Alex Jones:

Surely this must be an isolated incident, an example of California's socialism run amok. No, for the food police have also been busy protecting us from Amish terrorists in Pennsylvania (click here), and a (shudder) homeschool family of organic food terrorists in Ohio that operates a co-op for neighbors who have opted out of patronizing the food cartel (click here). Then there's the inner city grocery-owner terrorist whom police raided for selling zip-loc bags (click here -- crude language by police). So, these must be isolated instances and not an expression of national policy, right? (Click here -- at least one instance of cursing) (And click here)


Have you figured it out, yet? The real terrorists are not the citizens who want to be safe in their homes, who try to live safer, healthier, better lives. The real terrorists are the tyrants and their jackbooted enforcers who, for profit and power, terrorize the citizens of this nation.

Don't be alarmed. That tightness in your throat merely comes from the snugging down of the noose.

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