Sunday, August 14, 2011

All Authority and Power

Christopher M. Idle, author of the stirring hymn "All Authority and Power", based it upon Christ's Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) along with passages like Romans 10 and Philippians 2. I marvel that some can sing this song and yet maintain that the Great Commission contains no cultural component.

How can Jesus' rightful claim to reign over the rulers of the nations have no cultural impact? Not even on such cultural expressions as abortion, homosexual marriage and the [godless/demonic] education of our children?

The Great Commission plainly states that we must teach the nations to obey all that Jesus commanded. If "all the clear commands of Jesus must be heeded and obeyed," how can we avoid the cultural implications of what He said about interpersonal relationships -- family, brethren, neighbors and even enemies?

Below the hymn you will find the text of a little tract I printed up. It expresses the claims of Christ as found in Matthew 28, Psalm 2 and other loci of Scripture.

Melody: Unser Herrscher (Click link to hear)

1 All authority and power,
ev'ry status and domain,
now belongs to one who suffered
our redemption to obtain;
angels, demons, kings and rulers,
over all shall Jesus reign!
2 All the nations owe him worship,
ev'ry tongue shall call him Lord;
how are they to call upon him
if his name they have not heard?
Therefore go and make disciples,
preach his gospel, spread his Word.
3 All the clear commands of Jesus
must be heeded and obeyed;
full provision for our weakness
in his teaching he has made;
in the Gospel words and symbols
saving truth to us conveyed.
4 All the time he will be with us,
always, to the end of days;
with his own believing people
who keep steadfast in his ways.
God the Father, Son and Spirit,
bless us, and to God be praise!
Jesus Christ is King
You cannot impeach Him
He will never resign
Therefore, the only sane and logical course is to acknowledge Him and submit to His rule as individuals, families, communities and nations.

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