Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daddy, why do we live in a police state? -- 6

Continued from "Daddy, why do we live in a police state? --5"

Four year old Joel Guerena cannot ask his daddy that question, because his daddy is dead. Twenty six year old Jose Guerena had served this country as a Marine in two combat tours, died defending his family from a home invasion.

The invaders happened to be a SWAT team from the local sheriff's office apparently serving a no-knock warrant to search for evidence of a "drug conspiracy". In the process, they terrorized a young mother and her children, shot the husband and father, and then denied paramedics access for an hour-and-a-quarter as they seemingly waited for him to die.

Police found no drugs and no money (?) -- it seems that possession of legal tender is now evidence of criminal activity -- in the home. All they found was a family with a brave young husband and father whose inalienable right to be secure in his life and property was trampled upon by the jackboots.

It's so easy to excuse police-state tactics. We say the criminals shouldn't have rights, and that we mustn't tie the hands of the police as they protect us. But once we kiss the constitutional safeguards goodbye, there is no one to protect us from the police.

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"Why Did Police Kill My Dad?"

You can watch a news clip here:

It will wrench your heart, but you can listen here to Vanessa Guerena's impassioned pleas to the 911 operator for her dying husband:

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