Monday, May 30, 2011

Tactics & Tactical Supplies

Preparedness Dilettante (2nd meaning): I have a tactical shotgun as well as a tactical flashlight, watch and pen.

Wry Observer: Do you have any tactics?

Dilettante: Any what?

Tactical gear and supplies have a single purpose -- to enable you to reach a tactical objective. But to do so, you must use them tactically.

Tactics are simply the actions you take to achieve your objective. If you lack the knowledge, skill or physical capability to take the appropriate action (i.e., if you can't execute tactics), then all the gear in the world is useless to you.

For example, I've recently given some attention to my first aid gear. But it has been a few years since I got my First Responder certificate, so I've been thinking about finding a class where I can refresh my skills. The equipment is not enough.

Also, your tactical gear doesn't have to come from an expensive paramilitary outfit and sport camo paint in order to serve your tactical needs. (Boyoboy, don't you just love how that nifty camo stuff makes you really stand out in a crowd?)

In order put my body in a state of readiness, I like to take a big glass of tactical prune juice, every Saturday morning. It's a tactical supply because it enables me to take action appropriate to achieving my tactical objective.

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The Warrior said...

This is what so many do not realize!