Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christian Martialist Fellowship

A couple of summers ago, we attended a Christian conference sponsored by the Federation of Reformed Churches in the finger lakes region of New York. One of my youngest daughter's online friends -- another home-educated gal -- lives in the area, which gave them an opportunity to get together.

First, however, her dad came by to check us out. As the father of four daughters, I understood and appreciated his mindset.

Within the last month or so, my daughter's friend gave her father the link to this blog and told him it might interest him. He liked what he read, perusing as many as 50 pages in a day. Then his daughter told him that her friend's father writes the blog.

Long story short, they arrived yesterday afternoon here in Possum Kingdom to visit for a few days. We had a great time of Christian Martialist fellowship yesterday.

You know how some people bring the hostess a bottle of wine when they visit? This guy brought a box of 12 gauge 00 shotgun shells.

Over the course of the evening, we talked about the Lord, martial arts, guns and our faith experiences, in a seamless conversation -- the kind that grows out of lives that express a Biblical mindset and philosophy.

Today, we will attend the Highland Games and Scottish festival together. I don't know how the bagpipes will play on his Italian ears -- actually the Romans had bagpipes before the Scots, but their mournful skirl fits the Scottish temperament so much better -- but I am looking forward to good time.

If I don't get my Memorial Day post up before tomorrow, let me wish you well and thank all of you who have, in good conscience, served our military.

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