Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kick Target above Ankle for Self Defense

I believe low kicks are safer than high kicks. Also, they're easier for those of us who do not train as often as we should.

That's why I was interested in the following tip I received in an email from Jeff Anderson of ISQC:

I was talking a little while back with Russell Stutely, Europe's   
leading expert on "pressure points" for street fighting.

I asked him, "What's the #1 spot on the human body you'd hit if 
you wanted to take out a larger, stronger attacker?

Russell's response was...

     "There's a 'secret pressure point' on the inside of each 
     leg, just a few inches above the ankle bone.

     Stomp on that spot and it will bring ANY man to the ground
     screaming in pain."

I was shocked that something so simple could be so devastating!

But I took my boot and lightly struck myself there.  The response   
made me shudder at the thought of someone really nailing me there   
with their foot!

Bottom line...memorize this spot!

I tend to shy away from sweeping generalizations about bringing "any man to the ground in screaming pain. There are always exceptions. 

Nevertheless . . . an ultra-low kick to a painful target . . . sounds good to me.

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The Warrior said...

Agreed. Due to my size, even with training constantly for high kicks several years back, I'm just not that much of a kicker. I read Jim Wagner once say that you can't expect to execute any kicks in an SD situation (fine motor skill deterioration and all that) higher than the knee. Being fairly eavy and strong, I can easily smash something with my boot, such as an ankle!

Sounds good to me, too.