Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Warfare State

If you have an economy designed to run on warfare, you need a war. You can't have a war without an enemy, and you can't have a proper enemy unless he is armed.

The following quote comes from "Obama Arming Al Qaeda?" in the American Spectator:

White House sources confirm that in the run up to the decision to involve U.S. military personnel, President Obama was fully briefed that a large portion of the Libyan rebel forces most active in areas around such critical cities as Benghazi had ties to al Qaeda, particularly Al Qaeda in Iraq, the wing of the terrorist group that killed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq. 
"He was warned that should we reach a point where NATO needs to re-arm the rebels -- it appears that time is coming now -- we will be arming the very enemy that we have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan," says a career employee at the State Department. "Secretary Clinton knows it, the White House knows it, but we're working with these thugs anyway because the President thinks it's the moral thing to do in the face of Gaddafi."
The U.S. for decades supported and armed Saddaam Hussein's regime in Iraq. It's always handy to arm your allies, because some day you may need them as enemies -- fodder for the warfare state.


The Warrior said...

Or perhaps even worse. Is there a more direct reason for him/them to arm Al-Qaeda?

Gravelbelly said...

Yes, I believe that our president has definite leanings toward his Islamic roots and may well be a closet Muslim. Nevertheless, I think it's worth noting that he is basically carrying out the neo-con policy of the military industrial complex. His foreign policy (not to mention his bank bailout) follows in the same paths as the Bush administration.

It's like two WWF wrestlers. They woof & bark at each other, but the same guy signs both their paychecks.