Friday, March 18, 2011

Range Report from a Daughter

I received an email from one of my daughters telling me about how she performed on her latest trip to the range. It was the second paragraph that made me smile.

 We did some shooting last Saturday, and I was pleased to discover that I did better with both handgun and shotgun (clay pigeon shooting) than I remembered doing before. . . [Details about her shooting scores] . . .  but it's a decent place to start improving from, I think.

 I also picked up some spent shells that I'm going to experiment with making earrings out of. The .22 shells are a nice size for that, but I think the nickel plated .38 shells would go better with my skin tone. :-)

Daughters can be so cool.


Laura said...

Yes, daughters are so cool.

The Warrior said...

I love it!