Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daddy, why do we live in a police state? -- 4

Continued from "Daddy, why do we live in a police state? -- 3"

True loyalty . . . cannot subsist in an arbitrary government, because it is founded in the love and possession of liberty. . . . it is the scourge of the griping oppressor and haughty invader of our liberties. . . . Whoever, therefore, insinuates notions of government contrary to the constitution, or in any degree winks at any measures to suppress or even weaken them, is not a loyal man. Whoever acquaints us that we have no right to examine into the conduct of those who, though they derive their power from us to serve the common interests, make use of it to impoverish or ruin us, is, in a degree, a rebel to the undoubted rights and liberties of the people. (Sam Adams as quoted in the article "True Loyalty vs. TSA Treason")

In this series, I have tried to make the point that the primary terrorism that should concern us as Christian Martialists comes from our own civil authorities. An article on crimefile news makes the same point:

If you have not noticed, our government has suspended the Fourth Amendment in the name of anti-terrorism. If you haven’t noticed, It’s our own government that has become the terrorist.

The article focuses on a move by Homeland Security to invite people with certain character traits (i.e.,nosy, intrusive people -- know anyone like that in your neighborhood, church or workplace?) to call the feds and report anything they find suspicious about you. You can read the article here.

The article also links to Homeland Security's press release about the inauguration of their neighborhood unpaid informant program. It includes a video appeal for citizen participants from Secretary Janet Napolitano, and a promise of  "public education materials" to come.

In light of Homeland Security's track record (see my posts, Profile of  a Terrorist? & Who Are the Good Guys? & It Ain't Over Til It's Over) you can imagine what kind of activity these materials will target as suspicious. I doubt that devout Muslims will rate even an honorable mention, despite the fact that apart from the acts perpetrated by our own civil authority, for the past two decades virtually all terrorist acts against this nation have come from that sector (e.g., see Homegrown Hate Crimes Against Our Troops).

I know the kind of people who will respond to Secretary Napolitano's recruitment appeal. I have suffered character assassination and ultimately became a refugee in my own country because of people like that.

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