Monday, December 6, 2010

And the Government Shall Be upon His Shoulder

The season of Advent is officially upon us. Last night Laura & I sat in a pew and listened to Handel's Messiah sung by a choir that included our youngest daughter (19 yrs.). It is a work that I appreciate more and more as I age.

The words come directly from Scripture, and the music drives the message deep into the soul. The Messiah stands as a benchmark of Christian progress in the arts.

The themes that treat our Lord's present reign from Heaven struck me particularly strongly last night.

The Government shall be upon His shoulder . . . 

The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ . . .

And He shall reign forever and ever. Alleluia!

As the truth of the message implanted itself within me, I realized that very few of the leaders of our police state have not heard them at least once at some time in their lives. They have received notice that they bear rule at the sufferance of the King of kings, to whom they shall one day give a strict account.

I do wish that they may repent. If they do not, all the majesty, glory and inflated ego of their imperial accomplishments will not even make a ripple in the Lake of Fire.

I do not wish them to end up there, but it provides a strange comfort to know that the great evil they do shall go down in the holy flames of God's wrath.

May this Advent season serve to remind us that we do now live under the rule of God's Anointed. Let us acknowledge and obey Him.

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