Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Kind of Gal, 3

Folks seemed to enjoy the "My Kind of Gal" posts, so I thought I'd include one from closer to home. She is my kind of gal, she's a model of Christian Martialist womanhood, and she's my daughter. Here is one of Raquel's introspections:

I wanted to avoid all the silly brainlessness of being ‘girly’ without sacrificing the frills. I wanted to indulge my interest in weapons and ninja without losing my ability to match a purse perfectly with my outfit. I wanted to be a warrior princess.

Now, none of this is really surprising, but there are a couple interesting realizations here. One, is how close to foundational this is for me. The primary tenet of my life is that Christ is King over everything, and the entire focus of my existence is on obeying and worshipping Him. One of the secondary tenets seems to be that I should be strong, intelligent, and brave WHILE being irrevocably female. It doesn’t sound so very strange when I put it like that, but sometimes it’s hard to embrace both sides of that in a fallen world.

The second weird realization for me is that I’m actually living this childhood dream. Sure, I’m not as cool at it as I always imagined, and it definitely impresses fewer guys than it did in my imagination… But still, I can go from talking weapons to color coordinating my plate with the rest of my outfit to plotting world domination and back to straightening my hair with nary a second thought. Because I really am that…well…bizarre, I guess. And still, the one and only Duct Tape Valkyrie.

Something she left out of the contrast is that she's also very domestic: grinding wheat, cooking & baking (her pie crusts rival those of my grandmother). Then she can turn around, field strip & clean her Helwan 9mm.

Raquel's best friend once said she was like River (on the Fox TV series, Firefly). That is, everyone looks at her as the one they need to protect. Then, when the showdown comes, she goes into berserker-warrior mode & saves everyone else.

I'm sure she would be disconcerting to the feminist crowd who like to paint the womenfolk of "patriocentrics" as weak and totally passive. What a load of rubbish!

A truly strong man is not intimidated by a strong woman.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

One very attractive trait a lady can have is to know her guns. ;-P


Stephen Boyd said...

The sad thing is, this would have been normal in the "old days".
Guns were viewed as necessary tools, not "guy toys".

BTW, sounds just like something my sisters would say. ;)

Merrianna said...

Stephen, your sisters must be cool. :)