Thursday, May 21, 2009

Empty Hand & Baton Skillset, 2

In "Empty Hand & Baton Skillset", I showed a thumb-strike that transfers into a strike with the front tip of the baton. I want to build on that, but first let's review the basic baton grip.

If you remember, my instructor taught me to grasp the baton in the middle. This provides more versatility, in that you can use both ends for striking. As you hold the baton vertically in front of you, think of the upward portion as the front of the baton and the downward portion as the back.

Now let's look at the Judo Chop as a transferable skill. The following illustration comes from my book, 12 U.S. Military Combat Techniques That Could Save Your Life.

Look at the illustration & then visualize the combatants a half-step further apart. Instead of one soldier striking the other with his empty hand, he holds a baton (in the middle) and strikes with the front shaft.

The only change in the skillset is a slight snap of the wrist at the termination of the strike.

As you read this, you may very well say, "Well, duh! Could you point out anything more obvious?" Exactly! This isn't rocket science.

The only reason I am doing this is to spur you to look at your own empty hand skillset and think about how easily it would transfer to a weapon, like the baton. Then pick up a stick and try it out.

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