Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Of Sheepdogs and Crackpots, 2

Continued from "Of Sheepdogs and Crackpots"

Thanks to those who posted their comments on whether the anti-homeschool e-mailer is dangerous. The consensus seems to be that he is not. You may be right. I did, however come to a completely different conclusion.


First, I noticed that Mr. DeMar said that he had been receiving emails from this person for some months. The email featured in the article was not an isolated event. Further, he said that early on he tried to engage the emailer in rational debate. This leads me to believe that the early emails did not contain the vitriol of the later ones.

So, we have someone who has invested months in corresponding with a minor celebrity with whom he disagrees. As time passes, his negative feelings intensify, and (as evident from the quotes printed) include unsubstantiated personal attacks. In this, I see a person with a growing obsession.

People with normal lives and normal social contacts do not have time to waste on this kind of obsessive behavior. I see someone whose life has little other meaning than to "bring down" this Christian spokesman.

His lack of disciplined thought and research coupled with my assumption that he does not have a normal social life, lead me to believe that he does not hold a responsible career position. Probably something more along the lines of, "You want fries with that?" (There's nothing wrong with working in fast foods as a first job or in management, but that's not where I see this guy. He's stuck in a low-level, dead-end job.)

Well, I have to go. I hope to continue this, later.


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

I agree with you about his personal nature (no life, obssessive, etc.). I'd guess that that obsessiveness was more a hobby than a passion strong enough to drive a murderer...but, you're right, it does happen sometimes, so you never know right?


Mada said...

There's always the possibility he's doing it in his spare time during the evening, like I am when I comment on the various blogs I read. He doesn't have to be a killer to be spiteful; unless there's something more to his mentality that we don't know about? (Poor guy, I hope he never finds out about all this psychoanalysis of his thought patterns)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hey there,

You know, there's something wrong with your forum. I can't join up. It says my chosen username is unavailable!!!