Monday, July 28, 2008

Lethality vs. Stopping Power, 2

Continued from "Lethality vs. Stopping Power"

I mentioned shotguns in my previous post on this subject. At closer ranges, they possess high levels of both lethality and stopping power. At medium ranges, with buckshot (and a gun that will fire by holding the trigger back as you work the pump) you can put more lead in the air in a shorter time than with a submachine gun.

Members of certain special operations units in Viet Nam carried shotguns for close-quarters work. I knew one old Marine in Texas (his soul now rests with his Savior) who said he carried one at Guadalcanal.

Yesterday's shooting at a Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville illustrates in a sad and most tragic way the devastating power of a 12 gauge shotgun. It could have been MUCH WORSE if, after the first shot, he had not been firing randomly, and if a small group of sheepdog church members had not tackled him as he reloaded.

CNN Video

I'm not saying anything you don't already know, but the carnage could have ended much more quickly if someone on the scene had been armed and able to take out the shooter.

Pray for those folks. If you know anything about Unitarian Universalists, they deny the deity of Christ, His virgin birth, His resurrection, the need for salvation from sin, etc. Perhaps God, in His grace will use this horrific event to turn them to true faith in the Gospel of Christ.


Caleb said...

Amen. Total agreement with you here.
Thanks for the great blog.

Gravelbelly said...

Thanks, Caleb.

Every comment is an encouragement. Hope to hear more from you.