Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Food Riots of 2009?

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Now, check out this article:

Are feds stockpiling survival food?

Next, watch this video clip:

Observations: The U.S. gov't. is stockpiling food for a reason. (Aside -- In bureaucratic doublespeak, when the civil authority does it, it's called stockpiling; when you do it, it's called hoarding.) If they are amassing food for civil officials because they see a shortage coming, then we are in for a rough ride.

Recently an indigent neighbor asked my wife for a ride to the convenience store because, "Mama just has to have her Mountain Dew." (The soft drink, not the moonshine) They have complained of not having enough food, although the local discount grocery is about the same distance as the convenience store. What's wrong with this picture?

Further, what will happen when millions like these people are cut off from the goodies to which the federal authority has convinced them they are entitled? If you think that they will sit quietly at home and starve, you may want to rethink.

Perhaps I'm wrong about the shortages and the food riots. And I don't want to foster panic -- the ultimate sin in a controlled society. BUT in at least one respect, a stockpile of food is just like a loaded firearm:

It's better to have it and never need it than to need it just once and not have it.

Those who live outside the major population centers may want to think not only about household supplies, but also about tactical defense against robbers that will come in 1's, 2's & 3's. City dwellers may have bands of looters to deal with.

This means the possible need to evacuate. Which, of course implies a supply of fuel, food and arms that is all packed and ready to be thrown into the car. There should be enough fuel to get you to your destination.

That last statement, of course, assumes you have a destination -- one already provisioned with what you'll need when you arrive.

Furthermore, if you are called to the ministry of protecting the sheep, you need to think tactically. One of the greatest tactical assets you can have is a group of people who provide mutual aid and protection. At this stage, it may not be wise to talk post-apocalyptic militia groups. Instead, think and speak of a Neighborhood Watch group. If your area doesn't have one, start one.

With all the weather-related disruptions in the recent past, it should be easy to talk to such a group about a food storage plan in case of natural disaster. And a group already accustomed to watching out for each other and planning for emergencies will more easily adapt to additional threats as they arise.

As Christian Martialists we must not forget God's hand in sending famine on a land as a form of judgment. Such conditions would provide opportunities to minister and witness to neighbors. Read Genesis chapter 41 with an eye to how those had foresight, devised a plan and acted were able to take dominion over those who focused solely on the present.

According to Pareto's Law, 1 out of 5 who read this will even discuss it with their families. Out of those, 20% will take positive steps toward preparing. That's 4% of my readership, which isn't very big to begin with. If the "food riots of 2009" should, by some chance, take place (and I will be the first to rejoice if they do not), will you be among the very few who are prepared?

The theme of this post is continued in "Beware the Food Police"


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Honestly I usually wouldn't pay attention to any mention of apocalyptic things like this, but when Gravelbelly speaks, I listen. When I get the chance I'll take a closer look--the article, video, etc.

I doubt I could even get my family to ever go for anything like that, though.

As to your forum, I'll try my best to help get and keep it going, okay? It's something that could really be of great value if we get enough like-minded people on it I think.

God bless!


Gravelbelly said...


Although I used the term post-apocalyptic in the post, I cautioned against using that word or perspective in forming a local neighborhood watch.

My own personal opinion is that the food crisis will not necessarily be "The End Of The World As We Know It"(TEOTWAWKI). Like the race riots of the 1960's, civil disturbances will probably be local and contained.

The problem is, we don't know with absolute certainty whether, where & when they may occur.

I see food shortages as just one more notch in the progression to a centrally-controlled society.

And -- who knows? -- I could be wrong on this. Food and fuel could become more plentiful & cheaper in the months to come, the efforts to turn us into a police state could wither, and everybody could love each other and live in harmony under the rule of Christ. Maybe.

Thanks for your efforts on the forum. It would be great to get some good discussion going.