Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sucker Punch, 2 (Overhand Right, Hook)

Continued from "Sucker Punch: Overhand Right"

If you watched the video from the link in the previous post, I hope you found it disagreeable and unsettling. Such reactions can lead to new levels of readiness. In this post I want to address some of the more obvious lessons from the video.
  1. If you look for trouble long enough and hard enough, you'll find it. The trash-talking bigmouth kept pushing until he got hit. In the street, the cleverest answer may not be the smartest.
  2. In a potentially hostile situation, you need to remain alert. Bigmouth let the hitter walk right up to him, and he evidently did not pick up any signals of an impending attack. This leads directly to the next point.
  3. When a stranger approaches, go into the non-challenging defensive position (hands at chest height, palms outward). Bigmouth evidently suffered from overconfidence -- he believed his woofing made him the big dog. Confidence does not substitute for readiness.
In the video you saw last time, the victim actually provoked the attack. Here's another video of a sucker punch that comes out of the clear blue. In this one, the punch is more of a hook than an overhand punch:

Sucker Punch Video

In the next post, I want to talk about this video and lessons to be learned.
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