Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WARSKYL Conference

This is the first official announcement that a WARSKYL conference is in the works. I have not settled on a final date as yet with the folks who are hosting the event. Right now they are busy preparing for a shooting match to be held at their place this weekend (young children will be able to watch the shooting from the host's living room window -- so cool!).

The conference is to be held in the vicinity of Peoria, Illinois, America's heartland. The theme of the conference will be: Understanding and Responding to Personal Violent Attack. It will include, among other things, Biblical insights into the psychology of violence, the Biblical rationale for self-defense, the anatomy of an assault, avoiding violence and some hands-on training for when violence is unavoidable. I've touched on some of these things here at the WARSKYL blog, but at the conference it will be presented in a systematic way and will include new material I haven't addressed here.

The best reason to come, however, is not to learn philosophy, mindset, tactics and techniques of self defense from some old fat guy. It will present an opportunity to get together with people like yourself. You will meet other Christian Martialist sheepdogs and from the first moment and forever after, you will know you're not the only one.

More details will be forthcoming, but right now the plan (if the Lord will) is to hold the conference some time this summer or early fall. It will depend largely on the host, as an event such as this requires a lot of planning and preparation.

I would be honored to meet you there as one of God's

Men in training for the King and by the Book.

(Shieldmaidens as well as warriors will be welcome.)

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