Monday, March 31, 2008

Sucker Punch (Overhand Right)

A former bouncer whose experience I trust has stated that an overhand right is one of the two punches favored by sucker punchers (FYI: the other is a hook). I ran across this short video of a street fight in which the overhand right is the deciding factor. Actually, since the overhand right was the first punch thrown, and the other guy went down immediately, I guess calling it a fight is misleading.

Words of caution:
  1. The events leading up to the overhand right include a barrage of offensive language from the bigmouth guy who eventually gets his lights punched out (I turned the volume all the way down);
  2. The person capturing the event on video is part of a crowd, and I think he/she tries to remain in the background without calling attention to his/her activity -- thus, people do move in and out of the way of the action;
  3. The beating that the sucker puncher gives the unconscious bigmouth is brutal and disturbing, but I recommend you watch it a) to recognize the orc mindset you may have to deal with and b) because after the beating, the initial punch is played again twice in slow motion.
This video is disturbing not only for its brutality, but also for the quickness of that first punch. It's hard to catch it at normal speed. Bigmouth did not, I'm sure, see it coming until a millisecond before everything went black.

Street "Fight" Video

Could you defend against this kind of attack? The subject receives further discussion in "Sucker Punch: Overhand Right, 2".

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