Friday, April 4, 2008

Sucker Punch, 3 (Overhand Right, Hook)

Continued from "Sucker Punch, 2 (Overhand Right, Hook)"

Yesterday's Sucker Punch Video has at least one lesson in common with the Street "Fight" Video: both victims could have benefited from increased threat awareness. In the street beating, the bigmouth let the assailant walk right up to him and nail him with an overhand right without any sign that he expected to get hit. The man in the fast food restaurant got tagged on the jaw when he turned away from a potential threat.

Of course, it was an unusual situation. Orcs don't usually mug people in restaurants. They wait until a potential victim gets away from the crowd.

Certainly, the fast food place was relatively deserted -- possibly much less crowded than the street outside. I don't know how far he stalked his victim, but perhaps he figured the relatively quiet burger joint presented his best opportunity. Nevertheless, he did attack in front of a witness -- the counter person.

The intriguing question here is why the predator chose this particular man as his prey. He was an older gentleman, but did not appear sick or unfit. This leads me to believe that something about the victim's attitude or mindset caught the orc's attention.

My own guess is that it was probably the victim's unawareness -- the very thing we notice in the video that marked him as easy prey. He had just come from a big sporting event, and he was desensitized to the people around him. Predators choose people who walk around disconnected from their surroundings as targets.

But maybe the victim was aware that mugger was following him. Maybe he was in fear and denial. Street hoodlums can sense that, too.

Well, after analyzing the situations and seeing how you might have avoided them, we need to focus on how to defend against the unavoidable sucker punch. I plan to do just that in "Sucker Punch, 4"

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