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Street Fighting - Secret Technique

Today I want to present another guest article by Keith Pascal. As you read it, think of the Combat Wedge (as presented in the "Sucker Punch" series) and how you might use it in conjunction with this technique. Would you use it to stop your attacker's momentum? Or as the shove . . . or would you use it first as the stop and then (since you're already in position for it) use it again as the shove?

If you practice this technique, be careful not to tear the ligaments in your partner's ankle.

Also, note the link to the free e-booklet on street fighting.

Street Fighting - Secret Technique

By Keith Pascal

You are out in public. You see someone quickly and aggressively moving toward you. For whatever reason, you can't get away. You have to defend yourself or others. What follows is a little-used, but very practical secret technique. If you want an edge in defending yourself in a street fight, then this could be the martial-arts technique for you.

Lead-in Martial-Arts Technique
If an attacker is rushing you, then you have to stop the momentum, redirect the force, or somehow let your would-be attacker pass by.

If you know of a way to stop your attacker's forward movement, then the following technique works beautifully.

Note: It's not a very effective move, if you are passing the force, or some way helping the attack to be redirected and pass by. You need to be able to stop the force, if only for a second.

You choose how you will stop the initial onslaught. maybe a stop kick to the shins. Or an eye jab -- which doesn't even need to score, as long as it causes your opponent to stop forward movement. You could also punch an open target -- your attacker stops, to deal with your counterattack.

Choose the appropriate move for your particular circumstance and based on your set of skills. This makes sense, right?

Instant Street-Fighting -- Counter Technique Combination
The instant you stop your attacker, step on his or her foot. Don't make the set up for the move obvious. In fact, you should be able to find the top of your opponent's foot without even looking down.

Note: Make this one of your practice exercises. From a touching distance, learn to find your practice partner's foot ... by feel. Don't look down. It won't take you very long to develop a sense of exactly where the foot is at all times.

And now, the follow-up technique ...

As soon as your foot has your attacker's foot pinned, I want you to push your opponent. Don't wait too long after you catch the foot. And don't push before you have the foot pinned.

But the very instant you trap the foot, start your push.

Can you guess what the effect will be, when you hold the foot in place while pushing the body back?

Especially when you develop the proper shove, to direct you opponent's body ... down.

So, why is this technique such a secret street fighting technique?

Because most people either don't think it works, or haven't taken the time to perfect the martial-arts move.

Try it. You'll find it a lot easier to master than most martial artists believe.

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Keith Pascal is a martial-arts writer and has taught martial arts for 25 years.

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