Saturday, March 22, 2008

Street Fight -- Tactics

Most who read this blog do not frequent places where a melee is likely to break out. But, as our economy worsens and tempers wear thin, you never can tell. It might happen anywhere.

Today's entry is a guest article by Keith Pascal. (Note the link to a free e-booklet).

Street Fights - Rejecting The Mob Mentality
By Keith Pascal Platinum Quality Author

Often, when I am asked for street fighting techniques, the person asking is thinking of a fight against one attacker, possibly two.

Whether it's a street fight, a brawl in a bar, or an obnoxious crowd at a sporting event, there is definitely a possibility that a fight could break out with a small mob involved.

If this were to happen, what would you do? How would you handle yourself in a crowd-street-fight?

Primary Martial Goal

Would your goal in such a situation to stay safe?

Is it really?

If so, then don't even think about staying a fighting. No 'duking' it out for you. If your main goal is to be safe or keep those with you safe, then you will figure out how to get away from the crowd as quickly as possible.

Always keep this in mind.

Note: This becomes even more important if you are caring for loved ones. If you are cavalier enough to risk your own life, don't take risks with the lives of others.

Using Martial Arts in a Street Fight Anyway

My advising that you get away from potential danger, doesn't mean that you are safe instantly. Saying it doesn't magically make it so.

You still have to get to safety. (And the friends with you as well.)

While escaping, you may still have to defend yourself. Make your moves short and crisp. Don't go for "sequences." Use techniques that allow you to continue moving.

If you have to plough through a thick crowd, use joint pressure to tweak people to the side. Don't take the time to effect a full wrist lock ... just hit the pressure against the joint.

Don't be afraid to shove one bad guy into another. Keep moving. Get out of there.

Make it Inconvenient for a Street-Fighting Attacker to Pursue You

If you can get away unnoticed all the better. Slink off into the distance. Escape into a safe store.

If you are noticed:

* Put a lot of distance between you and your attacker.

* Get on the other side of big objects -- put something large, like a car between your would-be pursuer and you.

* Keep track of your friends and loved ones. If you are being pursued, then you hang to the rear, to 'defend the ranks.'

Are you looking for a crisp, efficient technique to use in your escape. Here's a free ebooklet that not only teaches you to make your strike efficient and powerful, but it teaches you what to do to counter anyone who gets close enough to you to try the strike on you....

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Keith Pascal has been a full-time martial-arts writer for eight years and a martial-arts teacher for 25 years.

Keith Pascal - EzineArticles Expert Author

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