Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Friend Indeed

Within about a week of exactly ten years ago, I was in trouble and my family was in danger. We were about to relocate to another state on short notice, and I stopped by to say goodbye to my friend. I told him that I was going armed, in case it became serious, and that my next stop before we left was the sporting goods store to buy a holster and a speedloader for my Taurus 85ss.

My friend said, "Wait here a minute." He disappeared into his house & returned with the right size speedloader for my weapon and handed it over to me. I have always marveled at that single, simple, generous act.

Many of my acquaintances would have tried to talk me out of doing anything "rash." Most would say I was overreacting. My friend did not do that. He knew me, he trusted my judgment, and if I said I needed to be prepared for the worst, then by God's grace he would help me.

(Incidentally, [and thankfully] we made it without any armed confrontations.)

Life is short and hard, and I have had not had many friends. I've met lot of acquaintances, a lot of neighbors, but few real friends. Right now I could count those I consider my true friends (including the Lord himself) on my fingers and have several left over.

I wish two things for the Christian Martialists who read my posts. 1) When the chips are down may you have a friend like that; 2) When the chips are down, may you BE a friend like that.

By the way, if you want to check out my story, you can ask my barber. He was there when it happened. I know he was there because he IS that friend.

Thanks for having my back, Bro.
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