Monday, March 10, 2008

Tactical Lesson at Wal-Mart

A shopper at America's #1 discount retailer almost got more than he bargained for when he narrowly averted the mugging of him & his little daughter in the Wal-Mart parking lot. In God's providence, alertness along with tactical thinking & acting (and a Model 1911 .45) saved the day. He tells about it in his blog entry at this link.

CAUTION: Some offensive language appears in the post. Also, there may be some practices I do not endorse, such as shopping for leisure items on the Lord's Day. Other than that, the story has training value.

Do you see any signs of adrenaline stress in the story? How about yourself? Did you experience some of the signs of an adrenaline rush as you read it? (See Controlling Adrenaline Stress: Mental Imaging, 4.) Can you apply the principles found in these posts to this story?

Controlling Adrenaline Stress Through Breath Control
Controlling Adrenaline Stress Through Breath Control, 2

Controlling Adrenaline Stress: The Battle Cry
Controlling Adrenaline Stress: The Battle Cry, 2

Would a battle cry be wise or helpful in this situation? Analyze. Think tactically. Put yourself there. Learn from his experience by making it yours, as well.

Thanks to TC (aeriescape) for sending me the link.
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