Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quick Plea for Input

If you're looking at the blog today, Happy New Year (& a joyous 8th day of Christmas). I want to very briefly ask for your input.

Someone has suggested that I include on the right side of the blog some links to some of my best articles. My problem is I don't know which are the best (I confess to the erroneous feeling that everything I write is wonderful). Therefore I'd like you, my readers to choose a favorite or two that I might put in a "Best Of" column.

As #5 said in the movie Short Circuit, "I NEED INPUT!"



Raquel said...

Hmm... Well, trying to narrow it down, I'm rather partial to the palm heel strikes post and "More Warrior Fitness". Also, the Christian Martialist as Sheepdog series seem ideal to put up in the sidebar as representative material.

james3v1 said...

I liked the one where you almost got shot. The writing drew me in and I could feel my own adrenaline spike while reading the account.

Gravelbelly said...

Hmmm . . . beware of sons-in-law who like the stories where you almost get shot.

james3v1 said...

You're stuck with me now. :)

I was referring to the effectiveness of the writing. I got the gut wrenching feeling like I was really there and the sidearm pointed at me.

I'd prefer my children's grandfather not get shot.

Colton said...

I would like to nominate "The Best Self Defense System" for the best of.
Also it seems to me a post in this series addressing the following scenario would be helpful. Ok, so I decide to start learning self defense as outlined by this set of articles but I have a limited budget, or even a moderate budget. What is the best bang for the buck I can get as far as resources. There have been a variety of resources presented. but could you outline a set of resources which would be sufficient for learning the basics? i.e. personal fitness, handfighting, mindset ect.