Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christian Martialism on a Budget

I received a question from Colton that brings up a topic very near to my heart:

Ok, so I decide to start learning self defense as outlined by ["The Best Self Defense System"] set of articles but I have a limited budget, or even a moderate budget. What is the best bang for the buck I can get as far as resources. There have been a variety of resources presented. but could you outline a set of resources which would be sufficient for learning the basics? i.e. personal fitness, handfighting, mindset ect.

Great question! In fact, it's a question that I'll have to answer over a series of posts. But before I begin, I want to set some parameters to make this a little more challenging. Let's say that I'm addressing a teenage young man with limited resources -- say, $100 to spend over the next year. Let's also assume that he has a buddy (brother? dad?) who is eager to be his training partner, but who cannot contribute to the expenses.

Can this aspiring Christian Martialist acquire basic warrior skills in a year for only $100? I believe he can. There are some excellent resources out there that tend to be somewhat expensive. There are also some top notch resources you can get for free.

Let's start with mindset: "Christian Martialism on a Budget, 2".


Steven said...

There are tremendous resources online in terms of combatives. A great many old manuals can be downloaded as PDFs. So, one of my first questions would be whether he has the resources to go online and print out some textbooks. I'd start with Styers "Cold Steel" and then move to Wesley Brown--but, others may have their own preferences.

In addition, it would be an advantage for him to make a striking bag of some sort if he can't afford to buy a used one. This can be done with some ingenuity for very little. However, this leads to the question of where to hang it. Does he have a practice area? Is it indoors? Can he get access to some carpet padding for a good price and some durable carpet? A few 12x12 pieces of carpet padding and a 12x12 throw rug (all of which can be rolled up out of the way when not in use) can go a long way in terms of supplying a good practice surface for throws, etc.


Gravelbelly said...


You're getting a little ahead of me. I will post a recommendation of an old, online text Monday, D.V. It's not one you've mentioned, although I'm familiar with both.

The striking bag is good, especially if one does not have a partner. Unless I'm mistaken, however, Colton will have a willing practice partner, so my recommendation will be slightly different.

I appreciate your input, it will give Colton (and anyone else), more options to choose from.

I'd be pleased to read your reactions (& additional recommendations) in this series, as it unfolds.

Theresa said...

If I am thinking of the same Colton you are, he should have readily available punching, training partners, I mean.