Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christian Martialism on a Budget, 5

The running tally for Christian Martialism on a Budget is as follows:

Holy Bible --------------------$00.00 (assuming you already own one)
By This Standard ------------$00.00 (available free online)
Prin. Personal Defense ------$17.24
The Gift of Fear ------ -------$07.99 (no shipping if you wait & order with a book to be named)
The Secrets of Jujitsu -------$00.00 (available free online)

Total: ---- ------------------ -$25.23

After you get a handle on the basic techniques of the palm heel & the knee blow, you will want to expand the number of your techniques. For this I recommend two books.

I've written about W.E. Fairbairn in previous posts, and his book Get Tough! provides a distillation of the basics of close quarters combat. You should study it as much for insights into mindset and combat spirit as for techniques. You can purchase reprints of the book, but since we are cutting all possible corners, the link above will take you to a Russian site that has reproduced this classic online.

Although Get Tough! is a great instructional aid and a classic, I always felt it could benefit from expanded explanation and some more illustrations. As a result, I produced the book 12 US Military Combat Techniques That Could Save Your Life. (Still at its introductory price: $17.98 + $3.78 S&H = $21.76). Use it as a companion volume to Fairbairn's book, and you will develop a repertoire of techniques that are basic, simple and effective.

In "Christian Martialism on a Budget, 6", I want to discuss going beyond technique in your training.

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