Friday, January 25, 2008

Christian Martialism on a Budget, 2

Given: You have a training partner, $100 to spend and a year to gain the fundamental skills of a Christian Martialist. In this post I will discuss developing the righteous warrior mindset on a budget.

Many soldiers have gone into battle thinking they would have no problem killing an enemy, right up until the moment of pulling the trigger. Then they found they couldn't do it. They would rather be killed themselves than take another life. Why?

The answer is mindset. Somewhere deep inside they realized that taking a human life is a grave responsibility. In addition, they were not fully convinced in their inmost being of the rightness of that act. In order to kill an enemy who threatens your life or the lives of your loved ones, you must have an absolute and unwavering sense of justice in doing so.

How do you know what's just and assimilate that knowledge into the very fiber of your being? The answer is Biblical Law. The Law of God as contained in Holy Scripture is an expression of His sense of justice. That's just another way of saying that The Law reveals the God's character. (I'm not talking here about Law as a means to salvation, but as a continuing standard of right & wrong.)

If you have fallen into the error that says God has somehow nullified His Law in this dispensation, I suggest you read Greg Bahnsen's By This Standard. It's available for free, online. Even if you believe in the abiding validity of The Law, read the book -- it will help solidify your convictions.

If you don't love God's Law, then you don't love His justice, and you don't love His character. Immerse yourself in the study of The Law (but don't neglect studying His mercy & grace, either). Think of the Book of Psalms as God's Law set to music -- let it seep into your heart. That was a major contributing factor in making the Presbyterian Scots such terrifying warriors.

I'm assuming that a Christian Martialist already owns a Bible, so the expense for this most important resource for molding of mindset is $0.00. We'll continue talking about mindset "Christian Martialism on a Budget, 3".

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