Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Sheep Threatened

I received an email from RC this morning about a sheep threatened. It's a matter for prayer, and I think it's appropriate for this venue, because the Christian Martialist does not ultimately wrestle against flesh and blood.

It concerns a sister in Christ from South Africa, "who was simply taking up an opportunity to make some extra money and live out her life as a Christian—teaching in a Muslim school—and that in the Sudan." She is Mrs. Het Smid, and here is her story:

Recently, Mrs. Smid took a job teaching at a school in the Sudan. While instructing the children in what to do after they finished their recess time, she inadvertently stepped on a prayer rug.

Now, the children are instructed to pray at this time also but forgot. So they hastily took their prayer rugs to a location where they were not normally located. Mrs. Smid did not realize this and when she looked for them to call them back to class; she stepped on one of the rugs.

At that moment, an Imam saw her standing on the rug. He was furious. He told her that there was already one teacher in prison and that she would be next to go to prison. (You may know that a teacher from England was recently sent to prison for allowing her class to vote on a name for a teddy bear. The name was Mohammad. This happened in a different school in the Sudan.)

In Mrs. Smid's case, the principal (who did not show much respect for her from the time she arrived), actually stood up for her and explained the matter to the Imam.

For the moment, the problem has passed and Mrs. Smid is in the clear. That is call for praise. But knowing the volatility of such situations, continued prayer is requested.

Mrs. Smid is planning on returning home to South Africa at Christmas. She is not planning on returning to the Sudan.

If you have a moment to pray for her, it would be appreciated.

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