Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rifle Shooting Techniques

My first interest in firearms involves rifles and rifle shooting techniques. Handguns are much more practical for personal defense in terms of both portability and concealability. Still, I have this love affair with shoulder-fired weapons -- not in any way close to the love I have for my wife, mind you (although on some occasions when she spent the night away, I have slept with my M-1 Garand in the bed beside me).

My barber (who reads this 'blog) is devoted to handguns. His devotion as a pistolero far outstrips my puny affection for rifle shooting techniques. He practices constantly. In fact, he is the only person I've known (or even HEARD of) who actually sprained his trigger finger through excessive dry-firing of a handgun. Then, in the weeks the trigger finger of his strong hand was immobilized, he used it as an opportunity to perfect his weak-hand technique. Now, that's devotion.

Shoulder-fired weapons have their place, though, and who knows what turmoil may lie ahead? That's why I was pleased when "DLR" (a reader of Warskyl) sent me links to a couple of forum sites that major in rifle shooting techniques. One site seems to be down now (temporarily, I hope). The other is called Project Appleseed.

Here is a description of Project Appleseed from the site itself:

[T]he Appleseed program is designed to introduce basic skills to the not ready for prime time shooter who aspires to be a rifleman. These basic skills are well know to many of you. The six steps to firing the shot, correct positions, NPOA, windage calulations to name a few. The Appleseed is a great way for the would be shooter to get started on the right foot. The folks who had the vision and the energy to put the Appleseed together hoped that Appleseed would be the first step in the development of a competent field shooter. Appleseed is the begining [sic] not the end of this process.

If you're at all interested in becoming proficient at rifle shooting techniques, I recommend you browse Project Appleseed.

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