Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Best Wristlocks Book I've Found

Some desperate life-and-death situations require that you pound a dangerous attacker into submission. Unless you're just looking for trouble, however, such occasions are rare. For all other self-defense scenarios, you will need to control your adversary. That's where joint locks come in.

There are many books that claim to teach you some aspect of martial arts, like joint-locking. One of the aims of "The Christian Martialist is to point you to resources that really deliver. Keith Pascal's Wristlocks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert is one of those rare books that really delivers. It's not just a catalogue of how to do techniques, but also a manual of drills and problem-solving exercises that will actually take you to a new level in your ability to apply joint locks in real situations.

That brings me to another point. The book is mis-named, because it deals with more than wrist locks. In it you'll find arm bars and shoulder locks in addition to the wrist locks mentioned in the title.

To really get the full benefit from Wristlocks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert
you will need a practice partner. That's the one drawback to the book. If you cannot persuade someone to let you practice on him, you won't derive as much from it. Of course, one of the selling points for becoming your partner is that he will also get to learn by practicing on you.

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