Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Revolutionary War Vets?

I think I just discovered that Project Appleseed (see my post, "Rifle Shooting Techniques") exists under the broader umbrella of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. The RWVA also has an arm called Liberty's Price. (Thanks to DLR for sending me the updated links.)

It seems that the organization has recently undergone growing pains and a crisis regarding its overall purpose. (The details may be buried in forum posts somewhere on the site[s].) Nevertheless, as far as I can gather from a short perusal, the RWVA looks back to the days of the minutemen, when virtually every American had the skills of a rifleman. Its purpose seems to be to encourage today's Americans to, once again, become riflemen.

The Project Appleseed arm pursues this mission by holding Appleseed shooting events in which aspiring riflemen seek to achieve an "expert" ranking. The course consists of firing at a man-size target at 500 yds. from the standing, sitting and prone positions.

The Liberty's Price branch of the movement describes its mission as follows:

Liberty's Price is a meeting ground that will focus on broader areas of rifle and pistol training and related skills, other areas of interest relating to preserving Liberty, and politcal [sic]activism. Liberty's Price is not associated with any specific group, but will strive to support and assist all who work to preserve Liberty.

I encourage the Christian Martialist to learn all he can from such organizations and to get the training he needs wherever he can lawfully and legitimately find it. Also, enjoy the fellowship of people who unapologetically pursue the mastery of firearms. But in doing so, remember that a non-Christian, inclusive organization will interpret our heritage as Christians and as Americans differently than we do. And, although our agenda may agree at many points with theirs,we will ultimately have to diverge in order to remain faithful to our calling.

In the RWVA you will find many good neighbors. Love thy neighbor (and let him know you serve Christ, the King). You will also find some brothers. Love the brotherhood (and share with him your vision and mission). Participate joyfully, but let your participation be an extension of your calling, rather than a distraction from it.

. . . oh, wait a minute. I never really spelled out the vision/mission/calling part, did I? Hmmmm. Could this be fodder for another post?

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