Saturday, September 13, 2014

You May Be a Terrorist If . . .

I wrote the article below three years ago but never published it. It's as relevant today as it was then, and I'm publishing it to remind you that just as anything you say to police can AND WILL be used against you, so any support you give to Washington's global war on terror will come home to bite you in the seat of your convictions.

If you have followed recent events, you realize that federal authorities have stepped up their war on domestic terror and potential terrorists.

In fact, a number of people targeted by the feds have registered surprise at the idea that they may be terrorists. Therefore, as a public service, Christian Warrior Online presents the following.

You may be a terrorist . . . 
  • . . . if you are a U.S. military combat veteran (Link to Homeland Security Report)
  • . . . if you vote for a candidate not approved by the Establishment (see Homeland Security link above)
  • . . . if you oppose illegal immigration (see Homeland Security link above)
  • . . . if you oppose the New World Order (see Homeland Security link above)
  • . . . if you operate a lemonade stand. Even mainstream magazine Forbes has taken not of the recent crackdown by authorities on children who sell lemonade ("The Inexplicable War on Lemonade Stands")
  • . . . if you make a video of on duty police officers (Link here)
  • . . . if you want to eat healthy, unprocessed foods (Link here and here and here)
  • . . . if you walk into an army surplus store and pay cash OR buy a "night flashlight" OR ask how something works OR witness to the clerk and he thinks your views are extreme (Link to article "FBI Wants Businesses Watching . . .")
  • . . . if you subscribe to the limited government, constitutionalist views of the TEA Party movement (Link to "KUHNER: Tea Party Terrorists")
  • . . . if you believe the Constitution's rule that gold and silver constitute lawful money

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