Saturday, April 17, 2010

Christian Martialist, Secure Your Heart

I'm not talking about the physical pump in your chest -- as important as that may be. I'm talking about the very core of your being, your soul.

To the Christian Martialist, purity of heart & character is even more vital than skills and weapons. That's why I wrote this post about Sir Galahad
As readers of this blog, my Christian Martialist brothers are also plugged into the worldwide web with all its potential for information and inspiration as well as temptation. And the temptation can be great.

None of us is immune to fleshly lust. One of the sad testimonies to that fact is the number of pastors who have become addicted to online pornography.

My own defenses are twofold. My computer is in our study at home, and I maintain an open-door policy for my wife & my youngest daughter, who still lives at home. This ensures that I do not put anything up on the screen that I would be ashamed for them to see.

The open-door policy, however, is just a check on the weakness of my flesh. The main bastion of my moral safety is that, by God's grace, I have purposed in my heart to eschew the evils of pornography. If you are to maintain  pure heart and a clean conscience, you must do the same.

Not only that, but you must safeguard your home, as well. I found this article (by a concerned Christian activist) helpful to that end:
Teenagers, Pornography & the Internet

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The Warrior said...

Excellent post; all too true. Can't deny it: I'm 100% male, including the associated weaknesses. It just stinks that no matter where you go, it's stuck in your face every single day.

North had some good points--although I expect it will be ten times worse by the time I have kids....