Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Quark AA2 Tactical Flashlight

The other night, the dog was yelping because she had her dew claw caught in something. I went out to see what was up, and I took my new Quark AA2 Tactical Flashlight with me.

Chardonnay, our dog, was a little skittish, and I needed both hands to free her, so I held the light in my mouth & disengaged the dog's paw from an old chain. The light was set on "Moonlight" (lowest setting -- 0.2 lumens), which was plenty of light for that kind of task.

Speaking of light levels, this flashlight has 5 levels of brightness plus three "flash" modes. The light's hot spot has not dark spots or shadowy rings, and the there is a generous spill.

I like the fit & finish of the Quark AA2, and both the flashlight its holster give the appearance of quality construction that will last. At $59, I think it stacks up well against torches that cost a lot more.

I will carry this flashlight as a utility light & also as a self-defense adjunct.

You can see a detailed critique of the AA2 here .

The 4Sevens instructional video on operating the light is here.

If you decide to order one of these lights, please note that shipping is included in the price, and you can enter the following coupon code (I think it's still valid) for a few dollars off: cpf8

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The Warrior said...

Sounds like a good one, really...never though about the rings on a flashlight but it really bugs me on my Maglite