Friday, April 23, 2010

Firearms in Church

A couple of months ago, several people in our church got together & negotiated a nice discount on a  class leading to a concealed weapons permit. (I got sick that week, so I could not attend the class.)


My point is that several people who attend my church now have their CCW permits, in addition to two or three others who already had theirs. I don't know how many of these folks actually carry in church. I hope they all do.

Carrying in church is the subject of an article by Joel McDurmon entitled "Bring Your Pieces to Church" Sunday.

Here's how the article begins:

Imagine the following scenario: At church this Sunday, while reviewing the list of announcements and upcoming events for your church, your pastor added, “Oh, and don’t forget: on Sundays we have our regular target practice. Make sure to bring your rifles. Make sure to bring your pieces to church.” 

Absurd, right? Not so. It used to be the American way.

I hope that piques (not peaks, please) your curiosity to read the whole article. I know that some of you won't, so I want to quote a vitally important paragraph from it.

Today Christians are so brainwashed and affected by progressive propaganda that we have an uneasy feeling even broaching the subject of guns. Constant liberalism in the media and years of government-school indoctrination have eroded the foundations of liberty in this nation. Today Christians think themselves conservative when they back everything the military does. Conservatives think that to oppose the military is to be a leftist. They have no idea that 1) the tradition of imperialistic war grows out of liberal, not conservative, ideology, and 2) the Bible forbids nations to have standing armies or stockpile offensive weapons. The Bible calls for national defense through an armed populace and militia upon necessity. A standing army is an affront to God. But for some reason, alleged conservative politicians easily persuade Christian voters that the next military maneuver is of necessity an expression of conservative values, and the Christians cheer.

 It is true that many who call themselves Christians support any and every military adventure set forth by the power elite with the same mindless enthusiasm I've seen in middle-agers for their high school football teams. (My barber once told me about a local magistrate who actually threatened to send someone over to "teach a lesson" to a man who criticized his town's high school team -- insane!)

There is a long list of sins from which America in general and the Church in particular need to repent. Two of them are:

1)Remaining unarmed as individual Christian citizens in the face of imminent threats to our peace and security;
2) Supporting a military establishment that has enforced tyranny at home and abroad.

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