Friday, November 27, 2009

Shooting Game

I hope you had a good day celebrating the goodness of our God in and through Christ Jesus. We spent our day with my sister-in-law & brother-in-law & their family. A delightful time with delightful people, feasting in honor of God's covenant faithfulness and enjoying each other's fellowship before His face.

Here's a Day-After-Thanksgiving activity for you.

My barber sent me the link to this game. It won't do anything to improve your real-life martial skills, but it's based on Non-Line-Of-Sight cannons. You must adjust elevation & velocity to produce a trajectory that hits targets.

Here's the link:

NLOS Cannon Challenge


james3v1 said...

26,900 on my first game. I'm sure that'll pale compared to most here.

james3v1 said...

it was a fun game. Tried it 3 times and topped out at level 10 and 84,500 points.

Thanks for the link!

The Warrior said...

GREAT game. Literally. Ha!